In the post-election period, VFRL will be relaying critical election & post-election information, organizing, and activism — follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date. For direct access to critical information, reporting resources (see something / say something), and organizing and activism, VFRL has compiled these resources.

For critical post election information:

  • Election Results & News on Vote Count Progress:
  1. FiveThirtyEight
  2. Associated Press —

To report:

  • Election-related malfeasance (poll worker intimidation, election fraud, etc.):
  1. Election Protection Hotline —call 1–866–OUR–VOTE
  2. US DOJ Voting Rights Hotline — call 1–800–253–3931
  • Militia activity — Georgetown ICAP (use the drop-down menu to find reporting information for your state)

For organizing and activism:

Go deeper: