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Thoughts on Civic engagement.

Our call to duty extends beyond the uniforms we once wore, especially in this pivotal election year as tensions run high across the nation. At Veterans for Responsible Leadership (VFRL), we believe our service is never truly complete. Our mission now? To engage actively within our communities and the political arena, advocating for the principles we have dedicated our lives to defend.

Remember the feeling of being part of something larger. The military. American society. The great arc of history. We know our hands can help. Here is how we can use them and channel our commitment to service into effective civic engagement and political participation.

Engage in Conversations

Starting with dialogue is essential. Engaging friends, family, and colleagues in discussions about pressing issues or causes close to our hearts lays the groundwork for broader involvement. Whether it is advocating for veterans’ rights, healthcare reform, or addressing climate change, initiating a solid and substantial talk can inspire action and foster a deeper understanding of the importance of civic engagement. Remember, impactful change often begins with simple, meaningful conversations. Do it over a meal, a coffee or a beer to keep it joyous.

Research Is Key

Knowledge empowers action. Thoroughly researching candidates and understanding their policies and track records is crucial before casting our votes, especially with how much disinformation is out there. As veterans, we value leadership, integrity, and accountability, and these qualities should be non-negotiable in the candidates we choose to support. The leaders we elect today will shape our communities and the nation’s future. Let us invest our efforts in ensuring those in power embody the values we have fought to protect.

Share Your Voice

Leveraging our unique perspectives and experiences can significantly impact public discourse. Writing letters to the editor or op-eds for local newspapers allows us to contribute valuable insights on leadership, resilience, and service. Find an interesting talk radio station and call. Reach out to a local politician. Schools also love when veterans come for career day. By sharing our stories and viewpoints, we can influence public opinion and motivate others to reflect on critical issues and the broader implications of policy decisions.

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering offers a direct path to contribute to our communities and causes we believe in. Whether it is through VFRL volunteer meetings to promote responsible government leadership or participating in local community projects, every effort counts. Volunteering provides a sense of purpose and fulfillment and helps foster the camaraderie and mission-driven focus that characterized our time in service.

The Power of Donation

Supporting causes and candidates that align with our values through donations can have a substantial impact. Even modest contributions to grassroots campaigns or organizations advocating for issues we care about are investments in the future we wish to see. Ensuring that our donations go to transparent and responsible entities ensures that every dollar contributes towards meaningful change.

By prioritizing dialogue, informed voting, sharing our voices, volunteering, and supporting causes financially, we can continue our service in powerful new ways. Our experiences as veterans equip us with unique skills and perspectives that can benefit our communities and the nation. Let us harness this potential to foster a more informed, engaged, and compassionate society. Our commitment to service endures, guiding us towards a future we can all be proud to have shaped.

-Veterans for Responsible Leadership



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