National Morals and Courage

February 24, 2024

Arizona Daily Star

Like many Tucsonans, I am a veteran of military service (Swift Boat skipper in Viet Nam, 1968-’69).It now appears that the Republican candidate for President will be someone who denigrates service at every opportunity. Although he avoided service during the Viet Nam conflict, he casts us who did serve as “suckers and losers,” called for the execution of a former Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff, refused to attend a memorial service for World War I soldiers in France because it was raining, expressed disdain for John McCain because he was a POW and objected to wounded veterans’ attendance at a parade because “no one wants to see that.”

Now, he calls for abandoning NATO and inviting Russia to continue its invasion of Ukraine and beyond.

I want to be able to respect the President, but I cannot bring myself to do so with this candidate. It’s time to ensure our nation’s sense of morality.

I have discovered an organization titled Veterans for Responsible Leadership. Its name describes its mission. There is a website. Check it out.

Andrew Wilcox




Veterans for Responsible Leadership

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