We can prevent evil from triumphing.

Republicans have traditionally claimed to be the rule of law party. For decades, their candidates have claimed reverence for the Constitution and raged against judicial activism. Their long-standing manifesto is based on the idea that our enduring values and standards should guide the government, and that rugged individualism and accountability are critical American traits. This is reflected in their current platform, which states that the “Republican Party’s legacy — we were originally founded in 1854 for the purpose of ending slavery — compels us to patriotically defend America’s values.”

All this sounds great on paper, but actions speak louder than words. In fact, the more we learn about Trump and his adherents, the more we realize they are the antithesis of everything the party claims to stand for. It is sadly ironic and deeply disturbing that this party of great presidents — Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Reagan — is now beholden to a would-be tyrant and his followers who demonstrate a total disregard for laws that don’t serve their purposes. We saw it on January 6th, we see it in the courtroom, and we’re seeing it again in their opposition to the Supreme Court and bipartisan legislation to improve border security.

The rule of law in the United States is central to who we are. It is founded in our Constitution, and it is embedded in the oath we all took as veterans. Throughout our Nation’s history, military members have made incredible sacrifices for this concept. We didn’t serve a man or woman and we didn’t serve an organization. We served an ideal that has continued to exist because of what we did and continue to do. When the chips were down, we fought for each other, we fought to get home, and we fought for the very principles Trump and his adherents are actively attempting to destroy.

As veterans, we should be disgusted and terrified by the idea that someone like Trump could ever hold office again. But yet, many Americans, including our brothers and sisters in arms, will fall for the lies. Fed a diet of bombastic promises and unfounded fears, Trumpist supporters will believe they are doing their patriotic duty by supporting the installation of a vengeful narcissist who openly plans to attack the legal foundations of the Nation we so love.

We cannot let this happen and it need not occur. Even while Trump seems to be winning, he is showing weakness. People are seeing through the rhetoric, they are recognizing the threat, and they are questioning Trumpist claims. This is a process we can help along, by highlighting the danger and countering the radical narrative. To paraphrase the famous quote, we, good men and women, can once again prevent evil from triumphing.

In Service,

Ken Brown

VFRL Volunteer



Veterans for Responsible Leadership

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